Hero 8 Way Contactor

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Vorsprung durch Technik - if Hydro Bros made contactors, this is how they would look! The best of the best - the absolute daddy. 

Manages up to 8 x 600w or 4 x 1000w HPS lights, AND has two ports for two heaters (collective 2.5kw load) - this means you'll not need to hog more wall sockets to power additional heaters! 

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  • Grasslin timer that comes with a backup internal battery
  • Manages up to 8 x 600w or 4 x 1000w HPS lights
  • 2 heater sockets - turn on when lights go off
  • Has a circuit breaker that will trip if overpowered - this saves it becoming hotter and hotter and hotter when it's overloaded ...until a fire breaks out. So in short, the circuit breaker may save your life! 

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