Herb Hanging Dry Net

Size: Herb Dry Small (30cm x 40cm)
Sale price£50.00


Worried about smell? Worry no more! This is a hanging net with a built in fan AND filter!

Free up your grow tent, and get growing again whilst drying your harvest.

Unlike passive dryers, The Herb Dryer maintains consistent, persistent and constant airflow throughout the drying process. The Herb Dryer has an innovative purification and filtration system ensuring that the entire drying process is completely odorless; hence leading to the best results.

- Consistent airflow ensures a heterogeneous and high-quality drying process.

- Studies have shown that there is a higher concentration of essential oils in the Herb Dryer system than in regular drying systems.

- The product can be hung anywhere around the house.

- The product has a high capacity so you can dry several plants simultaneously.

- The product comes with several compartments to aid in the separation of dry plants.

- The unique ventilation system is efficiently durable and environmentally friendly.

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