Growth Technology - Liquid Oxygen

Size: 250ml
Sale price£4.00


Hydrogen peroxide 11.9%. This solution will add extra oxygen to a mineral nutrient solution, increasing nutrient uptake by the roots and supercharging growth. With regular use, it will combat diseases like Pythium. In between crops, it can be used at a higher dose to clean equipment.

Can also used to fry fungus gnats living in your soil use at 2ml/10L of water and top feed your soil. You will fry all the eggs but also any living microbes good bacteria in your soil. Your plant will be fine at this dilution.  

  • Cleans and oxygenates the reservoir
  • It can be used daily to prevent disease.
  • It can be used to sterilize a system.
  • Reclaim a substrate to use it again!
  • Variety of sizes to suit all gardens

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