Grow Genius Whole in One


Size: 250ml
Sale price$60.00


Whole In One, a strong foliar treatment that finally can tackle powdery mildew safely at week whatever! So strong (at 4m/l) most people will only need two treatments!

Whole In One provides powerful plant-wide immune system activation and support in a way that has previously only been possible using industrial Phosphites.

Up until now, if a fungal pathogen managed to break through your plant's defences options have been limited - or toxic. WIO changes all of that! Whole In One is made from highly specific organic plant extracts using a totally new approach that delivers rapid activation and results from a source that is so safe it’s certifiable for use in regulated Organic Agriculture. 

How To Use:

Two applications one week apart will deal with most problems in the garden, but if needed WIO can be used weekly as a preventative in situations where pathogen pressure is known to be high (although always focus on conditions first to avoid problems in the first place).

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