Grotek Monster Bloom


Size: 500g
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Grotek Monster Bloom is one of the best-selling bloom enhancing products on the market. It is jam packed with key essential nutrients. The formula is designed to facilitate rapid floral growth when plants are moving from the start of flower to the enhanced development of the largest fruits and flowers imaginable. The blend of powerful ingredients helps to build larger clusters of flowers, improve ripening, harvest yield and increase shelf life.

How it works

The essential elements continued within Monster Bloom will accelerate protein and starch synthesisincrease stalk and stem strength, plus help with the regulation of respiration and CO2 uptake, resulting in densestrong flower clusters. The ratio of magnesium in Monster bloom increases the metabolism of carbohydrates to drive plant function and improve flower quality and quantity. The sulphur forms key enzymes and helps in the creation of plant proteins and vitamins, this is key to the superior flavour and essential oil production that you will see. When your plants are entering the flowering stage, they will demand higher levels of nutrients, the added vitamins and minerals in Monster Blooms will ensure the plants get everything they need during this time of rapid development.

How to use

Grotek recommend use when buds begin to form and continue use with each time you fertilise during the flowering cycle. You should stop use 1-2 weeks before you harvest your crops. Please do not use any other PK product when using Monster Bloom as this could result in nutrient burn.

The 500g tubs are large enough to treat 5000L of nutrient solution and the 2.5kg tubs can treat 25000L of nutrient solution. The Grotek Feed Chart recommends use between 0.1-0.2g/L from weeks 4-7 of the flowering phase.

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