Green Power Contactors Eco-Switch w-Grasslin Timer


Size: 2-Way / 2000w
Sale price£85.00


The Green Power Contactors are incredibly robust yet simple devices, used for switching on lights or fans at preset times.Green Power units are made in the UK under license from Canatronics and meet their famous high standards of construction and manufacture.

  • Green Power - superb quality switching units
  • Made in the UK under license from Canatronics to their exacting standards
  • Top quality components and construction
  • Switches 1 to 8 lights or fans
  • Easy to use
  • Provides reliability and safety for the switching of your HID lighting system
  • Features an integral Grasslin timer
  • Heavy Duty rubberised moulded plugs
  • Housed in a tough metal box


  • 2 way = 2000w
  • 4 way = 4000w
  • 6 way = 4000w
  • 8 Way = 4200w


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