GN Telos 10 Pro - MESH Upgrade Kit


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For those early adopters of the GN Telos unit wanting the Mesh tech - fear not, we've got the hookup for you – no need to ditch your current light! Introducing the slick Mesh Upgrade Kits, the ultimate solution to effortlessly elevate your existing setup.

Everything you need is in the box, making it a breeze to swap out components and level up your light game in no time. Upgrade without the hassle, because staying ahead of the tech curve should be smooth and simple!

The Telos 6 Upgrade Kit will allow you to upgrade a Telos 0006 or Pro 6 unit.

The Telos 10 Upgrade Kit will allow you to upgrade a Telos 0008, 0010 or Pro 10 unit.

What Is Mesh?

Step into the future of lighting with Telos and their game-changing Mesh technology!

Imagine this: the Mesh driver puts the power of controlling thousands of Telos units right in the palm of your hand – all from your smartphone. No more fuss with separate controllers like those other brands; Telos has streamlined it all. And the best part? Cut the cords, literally! With Bluetooth mastery, your lighting control is wire-free and effortlessly cool. Welcome to the era where controlling your lighting setup is as smooth as it gets!


- Completely secure, end-to-end encrypted Bluetooth network connectivity. Once you connect your device the units will no longer broadcast the network making you completely invisible to anyone searching.

- Schedule your lights on/off times all from the app and without the need for contactors or timers.

- Sunrise/sunset mode to turn your lights on/off and gradually increase or decrease the power.

- Group multiple lights together and assign specific settings to them.

- Select the precise PPF output of your lights without the need for a quantum meter via the app as well as wattage. 

- RTC module allows your lights to hold their time and schedule for 24 hours without power.

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