Global Air Day & Night Controller


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With these Day & Night Controllers, you have ultimate control over all the elements in your grow room!

Ideal Temperatures In Your Grow Room

In a standard, well-ventilated grow room the optimal tempers are, daytime between 24-29 °C (assuming not supplementing with high levels of Co2, and 18-22°C at night. 

Temperature affects the internodal length and is directly related to the difference between day and night temperatures; the further apart the day-time and night-time temperatures, are, you're more likely to have bigger gaps between nodes!

Side note: reducing the night temperature in the last two weeks to 17-19 degrees, for the last two weeks of flowering will trigger the production of anthocyanin - this will make the colours pop in your fruits. 

Ideal Humidity In Your Grow Room

To start with, relative humidity is determined by how much water vapour the air can hold at a specific temperature. Warm air can hold more water than cold air, so the warmer the air is, the higher the relative humidity will be.

Humidity is just as crucial as the temps and often overlooked!  You should be aiming for during veg stag 65-80% RH, and 55-70% at night. Once the flowers and fruit start to form, you're looking to hit 55-65% day and night.

Tech Specs 

  • Do not immerse this Day and Night Temperature Controller in any liquid and protect the mains connections from liquids and sprays.
  • Ensure the power supply used is 230VAC ± 10% and the frequency is 50Hz.
  • The maximum load this product has been designed for is 2.5kW and this should
    not be exceeded.
  • DO NOT use an extension cord with this product.


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