Gavita - Enhanced HPS Bulb 600W 230V


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Gavita are/have exited Uk and Europe! Instead, try this bulb by Philips. It's actually a better bulb anyway!

The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS bulb maximizes the efficiency of your digital ballast. Digital ballasts operate at an increased frequency, which can affect the wireframe.

This HPS bulb's arc-tube is made for optimum output and has a re-enforced wireframe. Thanks to the re-enforced wireframe, it doesn't distort or bend because of the ballast's high frequency. The high 90,000 lumens output of the grow light guarantees healthy plant development and increased harvest yields. The grow light has a wide spectrum output, which makes it perfect for the flowering stage. Growers choose the HPS bulb from Gavita for optimum light output and maintenance and top-quality harvests.

General Information

Grow light used during the blooming/ fruiting stages;

Increased output of 90,000 lumens;

Designed for use with 230V digital ballasts.



Easy to use;

High-performance grow light;

Light maintenance of 96% annually;

Suitable for both high-frequency digital ballasts but also magnetic ballasts;

Strengthened wireframe, which doesn't distort due to high frequency (hf) output;

Gavita is a leading brand in the grow light industry.

The Science

Gavita's Enhanced 600W HPS Bulb is specifically designed for use with digital ballasts. The bulb has a wide light spectrum and produces a 90,000 lumens output. It's made to maximize the power and efficiency of digital ballasts. Electronic ballasts operate at an increased frequency of between 28 kHz and 110 kHz. This frequency range can cause the wireframe to distort. But Gavita's Enhanced 600W HPS Bulb comprises an arc-tube, which produces optimum light output when running at an increased frequency. The bulb's wireframe is re-enforced to guarantee that it doesn't distort or bend. This grow lamp mostly produces orange/red light, which makes it excellent for the flowering/ fruiting phases.

How to Use

Before fitting the HPS lamp, make sure that the ballast and lamp have the same wattage, otherwise, you'll risk serious damage to your grow equipment. Switch off the power at the mains. This is the best practice whenever you're working with electricity. It's how you'll prevent unfortunate incidents. Screw the bulb into the E-40 holder fitting of the reflector as tightly as possible. Grip the bulb with a dry and clean cloth. This way, you'll avoid leaving marks or fingerprints on the bulb. If you don't screw in the bulb tight enough, you'll risk arcing between the lamp-holder and the centre contact of the bulb. Once you've fitted the bulb, you can turn on the power supply.

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