Gavita Controller Replacement Sensor


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Gavita offers a variety of grow light accessories including the Gavita EL Temperature Probe. The cable is a replacement or an extension. The probe plugs into the Master Controller EL1 or EL2 and provides feedback regarding the room temperature. The controller analyses the readings and adjusts the grow room's lighting to suit your crops' needs. The cable is compatible with the EL1 or EL2 units. It's lightweight and durable. Growers use the Gavita grow light accessories to create a perfect growing environment for huge harvests.

General Information

  • The accessory acts as a replacement or an extension;
  • The probe delivers temperature readings to the Master Controller;
  • The probe is compatible with EL1 and EL2 controllers.


  • The cable is lightweight and durable;
  • The probe is made with top-quality materials.

How to Use

Plug the EL Temperature probe into the Master Controller. The probe delivers temperature data to the controller, which adjusts the lighting accordingly.

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