GAS Interval Timer


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No segmental timer is required! Set the frequency (how often you want to feed) and the duration (how long you want each feed to last) - easy peasy.

The G.A.S Interval Timer can be used with a pump to deliver small, regular feeds, helping to maximise growth and push your plants to deliver the best possible yield. It features a light sensor and will only operate if light is detected, automating the feeding process whilst still allowing a high level of control.

  • Frequency Min/Max: 5 seconds to 10 minutes (increments of 5 secs) 
  • Interval Min/Max: You can feed every hour up to 11 hours (increments of an hour)
  • Ideal for use with all timed grow systems
  • Light sensor for additional control
  • Suitable for use with pumps up to a total of 500W max
  • 2 year warranty

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