Flying Skull Zero Resin Reusable Cleaner

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Size: 100ml (Decanted into a spray bottle)
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Mother Nature provides active ingredients of peppermint oil and enzymes that quickly and easily removes stubborn caked-on oils you may find on cutters, scissors and snips.

Use with the AC Infinity Pruning Scissors and Cleaning kit

Zero Resin uses no salt or abrasive materials that could scratch or dull the finish of expensive delicate glass. Zero Resin is non-flammable and does not contain alcohol or petroleum solvents.

Restoring to a like-new condition, Flying Skull is a non-flammable surface and tool cleaner and doesn't contain any alcohol or petroleum solvents. 

Zero Resin is incredible value, owing to its re-usability, simply return the leftover Zero Resin to its original container after cleaning.

Cleans Vapes & E-Cigs
Disassemble the vape or e-cig, drain any remaining e-liquid and remove the coil / atomizer. Soak the tank components in Zero Resin for 3 minutes, then rinse with warm / hot water and allow the unit to dry completely before reassembling.

Cleans Non-Water Pipes & Small Water Pipes
Ensure the pipe is completely dry. Remove screen/gauze and completely submerge the pipe in Zero Resin, allow no air bubbles. Soak for 30 minutes, then rinse the pipe thoroughly with warm/hot water.

Cleans Large Water Pipes & Bongs
Ensure the Pipe is completely dry. Take off all removable parts (Bowls, Drop Pipes, Screens / Gauze) and soak in Zero Resin. Pour into the pipe / bong to the maximum water level. Cover / Plug openings and gently swish to dislodge stubborn tar, resins, waxes and oils. Pour Zero Resin back into its original container then rinse the pipe and its parts thoroughly with warm / hot water. Soak extremely dirty pipes with ends plugged and covered.

Cleans Cutters, Scissors & Trimming Snips
Soak for 10 minutes in Zero Resin, then brush and thoroughly rinse with warm water. Do not soak cutters or snips with non-hardened, non-coated or wooden parts, instead, brush them with Zero Resin and rinse with warm water and dry them immediately. Once dry, reapply oil or grease.

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