Flying Skull Z7 Enzyme Cleanser


Size: 250ml
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Z⁷ protects the roots and growing media from microscopic particulates, mineral build up and inanimate slimy conditions.

pH stabiliser:

Helps to stabilise the pH swings caused by inanimate particulates.

Z⁷ cleaner:

Keeps hydroponic pipes, tanks and soil drip watering systems free from inanimate slime and mineral build up.
Z⁷ rejuvenates house plants to maximise plant health. yields and potential in commercial hydroponics.

Z⁷ compatibility:

For use in soil-growing and hydroponic systems.
Z⁷ is compatible with any organic or chemical plant food, or Mycorrhizae supplement.

Directions for soil or hydroponics:
Shake both bottles thoroughly.
Use Z⁷ in watering or feeding programmes.
For hydroponic applications, add to water after nutrients have been pH adjusted.
Apply at every nutrient tank change or watering.
Discontinue use of Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine and Colloidal Silver.
Enzyme products are not needed.

Application rates:
Use 0.5ml of each part for every 4 litres of nutrient solution or water.
Use 5ml of each part for every 40 litres of nutrient solution or water.
For tea manufacturing, use 2.5ml of each part per 4 litres of water.

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