Advanced Floriculture - Pre

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Bloom Advanced Floriculture - Pre

This is one of the products that Advanced Floriculture recommend you try out as a taste-tester of what their range is capable of.

Keeping plants short and bushy and decreasing their internode length produces a great structure for indoor flowering, where light penetration to the plant tops is key to fantastic blossoms. Ultimately, flowers are produced at the nodes, and the more nodes receiving the full intensity of the grow-lamp means increased yields.

The increase in photosynthesis causes greatly increased growth for 3-4 weeks after application, by which time the plants will be just about entering the fruiting stage of their lifecycle Promotes thicker main stem and branches through various natural plant extracts

  • Will increase the amount of branches and reduce the plants overall height
  • Internodes will be closer together creating a bush rather than a pine tree shape
  • Creating more branches equals an increase in the number of flowering sites
  • Promotes darker and wider leaves increasing the plants ability to produce energy and fill your growing area faster
  • Excellent for shaping large crop areas and screen or scrog growing methods
  • In the bloom Advanced Floriculture' system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product

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