FloraFlex Quick Fill Bag - 2 Gallon | 60% WHC


Sale price£5.50


No more lugging up 50L bags of medium in to your grow room - enjoy the convenience of your organic coconut AND pot in one! Just get them into your spot, hydrate them, and you're good to go - no more faffing with sorting out pots and medium! The 8" Flora Cap fits perfectly inside the 2 Gallon QuickFill!

We believe the QuickFill bags are a huge commodity in the future of our industry, so with that in mind, we wanted to provide the best possible bag on the market. Expands to 8"x8"x8" and 13L of the finest coco coir.


  • Add water (preferably reverse osmosis water)
  • Add V1 & V2 Vegative nutrition
  • Add some extra calcium & magnesium
  • If desired, you can also add your beneficial bacteria

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