FloraFlex PotPro - Drainage - Tee


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With the FloraFlex® PotPro ™ Drainage system, you can transport the wastewater from your pots to your drain in an easy and efficient way.

The handy platform under the pots raises the pots, so that the wastewater pipes are at a lower level. As a result, the pots will never remain in standing water and the plant cannot suck it up again.


  • Handy elbow connector with 2 connections
  • Compatible with the 16-17mm Double Layer Tubing
  • Easy to connect with the pre-cut Platform Links
  • Since there is no pressure on these lines, no clamps should be used

Use in conjunction with:

Platform - Platform tees and platform elbows

Drainage - Drainage tees, and drainage elbows

Links - 1ft2ft4ft

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