FloraFlex Propagator / Incubator - Bottom Tray


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The Incubator ™ Bottom Tray is designed to house all FloraFlex® Insert Trays and assist in the propagation of plants in their earliest stages of life. Use the full Incubator ™ System for optimal results.

To use, simply place a FloraFlex® Incubator 50 Cell - 40 | 40 Insert in the FloraFlex® Incubator Bottom Tray. The FloraFlex® Incubator Bottom Tray provides airflow and lift to the tray, has an easy-grip design for handling the tray, optional cut-off tabs on the bottom corners for drainage, a wider footprint that optimizes outer plant growth, and the patented easy sliding steps designed to accelerate growth by aerated convection.


  • Compatible with all Incubator ™ inserts
  • Use under the Incubator ™ Dome as part of the FloraFlex® Incubator ™ System
  • Made from BPA and lead free

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