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FloraFlex® Bloom Foliar Fertilizer is an early Bloom Foliar that promotes quick setting flower sites by providing essential elements directly to the plants exterior through the stomata and epidermis during the first few weeks of the flowering stage.  Full Tilt™ is a water soluble formula, it helps with ripening and plant growth in last two weeks prior to flush and increases sugar or Brix levels.

FloraFlex® has developed the highest quality, cleanest and most pH stable nutrients on the market. We are proud to present to you the following in the FloraFlex® Nutrients line: an easy-to-use spray formula for the flowering phase. 

Feed Schedules



  • 10% - Nitrogen (N)
  • 30% - Phosphorus (P)
  • 20% - Potassium (K)
  • 0.08% - Boron (B)
  • 0.008% - Molybdenum (Mo)

How to use:

4-5 grams per 4 liters of water

Mix the nutrition with 4 liters of water, then spray over the plants until water droplets are visible on the leaves. Repeat this weekly for best results.

No need to adjust PH.

When to use:

During the first 2 weeks of flowering, or until flowers / fruits become visible.

Just when the lights come on. Can also be used if the room is not warmer than 24C and the lights are at least 60cm away from the plants.

The above quantities are not based on osmosis water, but ordinary tap water with an EC value of 0.2-0.3 

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