FloraFlex Pressure Gauge + FloraFlex Male Adaptor


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Flora Flex Pressure Gauge 0/60 PSI is designed to fit inline on the Flora Flex Micro Drip irrigation system. FloraFlex Male adapter is included.

Knowing the pressure in your system is critical to ensure your drippers are working optimally. The Flora Flex Micro Drippers require 15 PSI but the optimum is 25 -35 PSI.   

PCL drippers (drippers that have that little round thing that you pierce into the delivery tube!) rely on a certain amount of pressure before they allow water to pass - this means that all drippers deliver water evenly across your plants.  Too little pressure and it might juuustt dribble out or not at all. Conversely, blasting the drippers with too much pressure risks damaging the drippers long term.


  • Cut a section in the middle of your micro drip irrigation system and add a 16/17mm pipe fitting tee to join them back. You can use a pipe cutter to get a cleaner cut
  • Add a small length of 16/17mm tubing on the one remaining 'empty' tee, then fit a cap combo
  • Screw this pressure gauge into the cap combo - you may need to use PTFE tape on the thread to ensure a better tight fit
  • Scroll to 1.30min on the youtube video and you'll see how it should look. 

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