Ferro - Enzyme Plus


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Enzyme Plus is a natural, liquid enzyme preparation containing a variety of enzymes. These enzymes ensure that old root remains decay, defending plants against pathogens. Enzyme Plus also contains vitamins that promote root growth and increase root absorption capacity. In nature, plants regulate their own soil environment, optimising it with the help of a well-developed micro-life. The microorganisms produce enzymes, which cause dead parts of the plant to decompose faster. As such microorganisms are not present in the substrate (or are only present in small quantities), the enzymes required are not produced.

Ferro's Enzyme Plus provides the solution.The enzymes contained in Ferro Enzyme Plus increase the extent to and speed with which dead sections of the plant (such as roots) are broken down, forming nutrients that can then be absorbed once again. The decaying process using Enzyme Plus does not use up any oxygen, which means that the plant is able to absorb enough of it during the night to ?burn' the sugars accumulated during the day.

This enzymatic preparation ensures that nutrient salts remain in the solution, making it easier for plants to absorb them.

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