Emerald Harvest 2-Part Cali Pro Kick Starter Kit


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Emerald Harvest Cali Pro 2-Part Base Grow Bloom Kick-Starter Kit will ensure you get the maximum potential from your crops, as your plants are fed a nitrogen-rich formulation that develops strong stems and stalks - ready to for a healthy harvest of crops.

Includes 0.95 L each of:

  • Cali Pro Grow A & B
  • Cali Pro Bloom A & B
  • Emerald Goddess
  • King Kola
  • Honey Chome
  • Root Wizard

Emerald Harvest 2-Part Base Grow Bloom Kick-Starter Kit will bring you large yields, as your plants are fed a nitrogen-rich formulation to develop strong stems and stalks - ready for the flowering period. Using additional Emerald Additives provided will ensure your plants are constantly receiving all the balanced essential elements required for healthy flowering and fruiting.

Cali Pro Grow A&B

Harness the genetic potential of your valuable crops with Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow, our 2-part base nutrient engineered to fuel your garden during the vegetative phase.

Why choose our Cali Pro Grow?

Our 2-part Grow is a tailor made, nitrogen rich formulation that nourishes your high-yield crops with essential elements for strong stalks and stems that will support a robust harvest.

Cali Pro Bloom A&B

Unleash the genetic potential of your valuable crops and cultivate a fragrant, robust garden with Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom.

Why choose our Cali Pro Bloom?

Our 2-part Bloom is engineered to nourish your high-yield plants because it is rich in nitrogen, potassium and other essential elements required for vigorous fruiting and flowering.

Emerald Goddess

Nurture your valuable crops with Emerald Goddess.

Why choose our Emerald Goddess?

Our Emerald Goddess is an invigorating plant tonic brimming with natural ingredients such as alfalfa and kelp seaweed extracts, vitamin B and humic acid.

King Kola

Emerald Harvest King Kola is a premium bloom booster designed to build big blossoms resulting in heavy buds and flowers.

Why choose our King Kola?

High in phosphorus and potassium, King Kola contains ingredients that help drive budding, including nitrogen derived from hemp seed flour.

Honey Chome

Emerald Harvest Honey Chome is made from quality ingredients blended for sweet success in your garden.

Why choose our Honey Chome?

Our aroma and resin enricher is derived from natural sources that will nourish beneficial microbes in the root zone.

Root Wizard

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard is designed to increase the bioactivity that bulks up root mass with plant-symbiotic microorganisms that helps your plants absorb and assimilate more of what they need from plant food for growth.

Why choose our Root Wizard?

Root Wizard is a true microbial inoculant that has the beneficial bacteria necessary to colonize the rhizosphere of your crops.

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