Elite - 315w Ballast Only


Sale price£120.00


The Elite 315w CDM Electronic Ballast converts your indoor grow rooms mains electricity to the perfect current to power a 315w CDM Lamp. These incredible ballasts help to produce up to 30% more lumens than traditional magnetic ballasts. Likewise, they also use less electricity making them far more energy-efficient.

Furthermore, you'll also find they consistently last, making them an ideal investment for professional growers. They'll not degrade and become noisy over time, like other ballasts on the market.

These ballasts also feature circuit protection which will ensure that your expensive hydroponic equipment doesn't get damaged if there's a fault.

Similarly, the soft-start technology helps to reduce too much currency pushing through your ballast when initially turned on. Instead, this will help to start the ballast and lamp slowly, keeping your grow room safe at all times.

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