Ecothrive Coco Pro 50L


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Get your plants off to a flying start every time with Ecothrive Coco!

This unique, top-tier coconut coir potting mix comes complete with Ecothrive Charge pre-blended at the perfect ratio for an unbeatable biological boost, just when your plants need it the most. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Ecothrive Charge straight out of the bag with Ecothrive Coco.

Ecothrive Coco Pro Ecothrive Coco Lite Ecothrive Coco Clay
Composition 100% Coco 70% Coco/30% Perlite 60% Clay/40% Coco
Pre-blended with Charge Yes Yes Yes
175g per 50L 175g per 50L 157.5g per 45L
Draining properties Medium Fast Very Fast
Aeration properties Medium High Very High
Hand Watering Applications Excellent Excellent .
Drip Irrigation Systems Good Excellent Excellent
Propagation Good Excellent Good
Autopot Systems - Excellent Good
Flood and Drain Systems - - Excellent

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