Ecothrive Charge


Size: 1L / 350g
Sale price£6.50


For the Healthiest Plants Just Add Charge - Soil Conditioner and Biostimulant

Composed entirely from the droppings of beetles, this premium-grade 'frass' is packed full of beneficial microorganisms and natural plant growth catalysts. Ecothrive Charge will stimulate robust plants growth, improve root zone conditions and create vigorous high yielding plants.

  • Contains a well-balanced proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with good availability and long-term supply
  • Promotes a healthy biological presence in the growing media, improving nutrient cycling and availability as well as improved root growth.
  • Contains naturally occurring activators of plants' immune response, elevating defence against bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Easy to apply thanks to a user-friendly sandy texture.
  • 100% Organic Approved by the Soil Association

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