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The ESSENTIALS EC Meter gives direct accurate readings of nutrient solution and is very helpful in mixing nutrient concentrate with water. All readings are automatically temperature compensated. It is easy-to-use as you can just dip the sensor into the test solution - stir and wait. This unit will deliver a stable reading in about 20 seconds.


How it works

The electrodes on the bottom end of this device measure the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution. This information is then clearly displayed on the LCD screen. With this information, you will be able to perfect the strength of your nutrient solution for optimised plant growth. There is a protective, slotted plastic shroud on the bottom of the device, this shroud protects the electrodes and temperature sensor, this sensor is for temperature compensation. We highly recommend you calibrate the EC Meter before use, and it is advisable that the unit is recalibrated every 10 measurements to ensure complete accuracy.

This innovative device is splashproof, but not completely waterproof so always avoid submersion. To preserve battery life, this device will automatically turn off after not being used for a few minutes.

How to use the EC Meter

To use the EC Meter, make up your normal nutrient solution and stir meticulously. Then press the On/Off button, dip the end of the device into the solution and submerge the shroud, a simple tap will remove any bubbles. Keep the probe still for a few seconds and it will equalise to the temperature of the solution. When the meter has taken the reading, you will then see the EC of the solution displayed on the screen

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