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The Ebb & Flood EF100 Systems are perfect for growers who want to develop specimen plants or accommodate a plant throughout its entire life cycle. In an Ebb & Flood system, the table of the system is filled with medium and is periodically flooded with a nutrient solution which is then allowed to flow away. The plant gets everything it requires, as well as oxygen delivered directly to the root system drawn in by the water flowing away.

Tank volume: 100 litres

Your plants sit on a table, placed above a nutrient solution tank. A timer is used to set the frequency at which nutrient solution is pumped from the tank to FLOOD the table and is then allowed to EBB away.

As the table floods, your plants take all the water and nutrients they need. All stale air is expelled from the root zone, then, as the solution drains away, fresh oxygen is pulled back down directly to the roots. The amount of nutrient solution used is easily measured allowing you to tailor feeding schedules to get the optimum yields from your plants.

EF120 1-4 69.5 x 59
EF230 4-9 119.5 x 107
EF420 6-8 172 x 62
EF620 10- 15 226 x 118
EF100 4-9 122 x 109

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