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Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a high performance and efficient foliar spray made to deliver the right amount of nutrients to your plants. It's a strong foliar feed, which offers nutrient supplements through each leaf's pores. The formula prevents your plants' leaves from turning yellow and boosts overall growth.

Dutch Pro's formula improves your plants' nutrient uptake, increases the production of chlorophyll and also accelerates cuttings' development. With Leaf Green, you'll enjoy top-quality and high harvest yields.

The formula is suitable for all growing systems and mediums including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil throughout the entire vegetative phase;

Prevents nutrient deficiencies; Maintains the green colour of the leaves

The formula is suitable for any irrigation system; The product doesn't leave any residues; Plants can easily absorb Leaf Green; The formula improves and accelerates the photosynthetic process. 

The Science Dutch Pro Leaf Green delivers nutrients directly through your plants' leaves, which reinvigorates them with the unique blend of micronutrients. Plants absorb nutrients easier through their leaves than through roots. This leads to greener leaves, healthier plants and prevents leaf yellowing from nutrient deficiencies. A healthy and green plant means that the photosynthesis process is maintained at a high rate. So, optimized amounts of energy will go into the production of high harvest yields. Leaf Green is a ready-to-use foliar nutrient, which stimulates the greening of your plants' leaves, stimulates nutrient uptake, and helps cuttings develop. How to Use Pro Leaf is suitable for use with any growing system and medium. Growers use the product during the cutting and vegetative stages to prevent nutrient deficiencies during these critical periods. Use the formula once you notice leaves yellowing. Spray the leaves from the top and gradually work towards the bottom of the plant, without missing any leaves. Make sure you spray both the top and bottom sides. Ensure that the light conditions are low, to prevent any evaporation of the formula. Ideally, use the spray when the grow light is out so that your plants have enough time to absorb it.

Best practices You should spray your plants' leaves at least 3 hours before the grow lights turn on. Do not inhale or swallow the product. Keep the formula in a dark and cool place, away from extreme temperatures. When you use the formula, wear gloves to prevent skin contact. Shake the bottle well before use.

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