DLI Joule Series 6/750W 120-240V DC

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The DLI Joule-Series 6/750W DE Fixture is a flagship innovation from DLI; engineered to redefine plant growth and maximise yields, this fixture incorporates advanced Double-Ended (DE) technology for unparalleled light output and efficiency. With a powerful 750-watt output, it ensures intense illumination, fostering robust vegetative growth and abundant flowering.

Easy to install and reliable in operation, the Joule-Series 6/750W DE Fixture is designed to elevate your indoor gardening experience, allowing you to unlock the true potential of your crops.


  • Double Ended Technology - provides unmatched light output and efficiency
  • Compatibility - Designed for use with industry-standard 6/750W DE lamps
  • Optimal Heat Dissipation - advanced cooling features for stable environments
  • Easy to install

How to Use

For best results, set up in accordance to the manufacturers instructions provided. The fixture is compatible with various power frequencies and uses industry standard 6/750W DE lamps.

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