DLI Joule Series 1000W 240V DC Full Fixture

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Experience cutting-edge plant cultivation with Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI) 1000w Grow Fixture. This advanced lighting system boasts a unique design and features that set it apart from traditional options, providing an efficient and effective solution for horticulture enthusiasts.

Replacement DLI Horticulture Plus 1000W DE HPS Lamp.

The DLI 1000w grow fixture is engineered to illuminate a 1.2 x 1.8m footprint at a distance of 90cm, offering a distinctive rectangular footprint unlike other 1000w 400v lighting alternatives. Its wide-angle reflector efficiently dissipates heat, allowing for a reduced need for headroom and enabling the fixture to be placed closer to the canopy. The incorporation of a 'chimney effect' facilitates the free flow of heated air away from the reflector, preventing the accumulation of dirt and ensuring a clean environment around the fixture.


  • Illuminates a 1.2 x 1.8m footprint at 90cm.
  • Heat dissipation - wide angle reflector efficiently dissipates heat.
  • Versatile - Compatible with power supplies ranging from 120-240v with onboard electronics converting mains supply to 400V for increased photon output.
  • Enhanced spectrum - DLI 1000W DE Horticultural Plus HPS Lamp features enhanced blues and reds for prolific growth.

How to Use

Carefully remove the fixture from the box and ensure the lamp and ballast are pre-fitted. Attach the wide-angle reflector to the fixture and connect the 1000W 400V lamp. Power up using the 5m power cable fitted with IEC connector. If using a controller, connect the RJ12 cables.

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