Dimlux Xtreme Series NIR + UV-A Supplemental Add-On Bars


Option: NIR+UV-A | 70w (For the 500w LED)
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Landing in the new year - price is completely made up and are tbc!

These add on bars should be used in conjunction with the Dimlux Xtreme Series LED fixtures. The 70W add-on bar is suitable for use with the 500w fixture and the 140W add-on bar is suitable for use with the 750w and 1000w fixtures.

NIR + UV-A Supplemental Detailed Specs Here.

Can be used to accelerate the flower setting on Dimlux LED fixtures. The add-on bars can also help boost photosynthesis (higher DLI). Increases resistance to fungi, and other pathogens. Increases resin production which brings out flavonoids and terpenes.

Independent control of the NIR and UV-A channels makes it possible to mix the right amount of grow/control light at any time in the growing cycle. UV-A can be gradually increased as the plant progresses through its growing phase. NIR can be added during the flowering phase, to be used as a photosynthesis booster along with red.

Also, by adding NIR photons at the beginning of the night, the Phytochrome far-red can be converted more quickly to its inactive form Phytochrome red. As a result, the plant will “fall asleep” faster, which increases photosynthesis during the day and improves metabolism during the night.

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