Dimlux Maxi Evo Controller with USB (v1.2)


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The new, improved, DimLux Maxi Controller EVO Datalog can now be used together with a USB data stick to store all values measured by the controller in order to view these later in graphic form on a PC. The controller writes the values onto the stick every minute!

The Dimlux Maxi Evo Controller does EVERYTHING! As well as regulating the switching of your Dimlux lighting systems (removing the need for a contactor / timer), the Dimlux Maxi Evo Controller also continuously regulates output levels to ensure plant temperatures and VPD (vapour pressure deficit) are always on point! It does this using data gathered by external temperature and humidity probes, as well as the revolutionary infra-red Dimlux Plant Temperature Camera . If this wasn’t enough, the Maxi Controller will even take care of CO2 distribution, as well as switching heaters and humidifiers!

Please note: to use the Dimlux Maxi Evo Controller, you will need to make some additional purchases. Humidity probes, temperature probes, CO2 sensors, CO2 regulators and the plant camera are purchased separately. Please see the section below for links to each individual product.

  • Switches up to 160 Dimlux ballasts / lighting systems
  • Utilize data logging to further refine your growing regime
  • Regulates light output levels to maintain a perfect environment at all times
  • Mimics natural conditions with gradual lighting changes (sunrise/sunset)
  • Surprisingly easy to install - mostly plug and play, with simple wiring
  • Comes with 5 metre cable for connecting to your first light fixture
  • Comes with (temp dependent) programmable shutdown for safety
  • Eliminates issues to do with inrush current at start-up
  • Provides accurate VPD readings (when used with the plant camera)
  • Very simple interface – an absolute doddle to program
  • Capable of accurately regulating CO2 according to levels detected in the room
  • Switches heaters and humidifiers

To use the Maxi Evo Controller with basic functionality, you will need to purchase an additional temperature sensor:

Dimlux Temperature Sensor

The following additional purchases will allow you to utilise the Maxi Evo Controller’s full feature set:

Dimlux Humidity Sensor

Dimlux Plant Temperature Camera

Dimlux CO2 Sensor

Dimlux CO2 Regulator - For Use With The Dimlux Master Controller



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