Dimlux Maxi Controller V1.2 & CO2 Sensor


Option: 5m
Sale price£740.00


Save Money with the Combined Maxi Controller and CO2 Sensor Kit

This money-saving deal pairs together the Dimlux Maxi Controller V1.2 and the Dimlux CO2 Sensor with a 5m or 10m Cable!

  • Money-saving deal
  • Maxi Controller & CO2 Sensor combo
  • Accurately monitors CO2 levels in the growing area
  • Also capable of regulating lighting, heaters and humidifiers

Using the CO₂ sensor, the CO₂ value near the plant can be read out from a distance and if necessary, CO₂ can be dosed by the sensor. If the CO₂ sensor is used together with the PT camera and the temperature sensor, the sensor will not dose any more CO₂ if the plant temperature is too high.

There is a light cell in the CO₂ sensor which measures whether the plant is in the day cycle. During the night cycle, no CO₂ is dosed. The sensor must be hung at the height of the plant in a place where the light can fall on the light cell.

The sensor itself needs to be connected to a wall socket, and the cable with the data plug must be connected to the "C0₂" slot on the controller. A CO₂ generator or a pressure-reducing valve with a valve for cold CO₂ can then be connected to the power point in the sensor.

The Maxi Controller can adjust the output according to the ambient temperature: the lamps are dimmed automatically when the temperature exceeds a maximum pre-defined level. Using the DimLux with a Maxi Controller enables you to plug the DimLux directly into a wall socket without needing an intervening relay, time delay unit or time switch – which saves you costs.

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