Dimlux Expert Series - 630w CDM (CMH) - Full Fixture Grow Light


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Dimlux Expert Series - 630w CDM Full Spectrum - Boost to 760 Watts 1,411μmol/s

  • The most advanced and complete lighting system on the market
  • The dimlux 315 full fixture consists of an ultra-durable digital ballast with as many as 7 power settings from 330w to 760w
  • On top of the 7 power settings, coupled with a Dimlux Maxicontroller, there's no need for contactor relays.
  • The average rated life of the Full Spectrum and Agro bulbs are 16,000 hours, with 80% light output remaining.
  • Passively cooled reflector design allows for easy removal, cleaning and lamp replacement. It can also be coupled with ducting to assist the removal of heat directly from the reflector.
  • Option of Air-cooled reflector
  • Optional add on adjustable side reflector
  • Ability to daisy chain up to 160 ballasts with a single controller (Maxi Controller)
  • Choice of Elite (Blue) or Agro (Red) 315W CMH lamps
Alpha Optics 98 reflector (Included) - Passively Cooled
  • Designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver Mirrors
  • High level of efficiency (98%)
  • Thanks for doing the open reflector design. the lamp is passively cooled, which improves both the service life and efficiency of the lamp
  • Warm air can be extracted through a 50mm connection on the reflector, which significantly reduces room temperature.
  • In addition, available separately add-on reflectors can be installed .to reduce wall losses further
Alpha Optics 98 NanoTube reflector (Available separately) - Air Cooled
  • This includes the same features as the Alpha Optics 98 but with the additional NanoTube
  • The tube is made from ultra-clear, nano-coated anti-reflective glass
  • This offers the highest possible light transmission of 99%
  • The overall efficiency of the reflector in combination with the NanoTube is 97%
  • This is even higher than any other non-cooled horticultural reflectors
  • Because the air supply and discharge are connected in parallel rather than in series, as is the case with conventional air-cooled reflectors, each lamp will burn at the optimum temperature rather than too cold or too hot
  • Because of the closed cooling system, NanoTubes used in conjunction with Co2 systems are significantly reducing the room temperature

Elite lamp - Philips - Master Colour Elite MW - 315W (Available separately)

The Elite lamp is optimized in a broad spectrum grow light with an increased share of BLUE light. The lamp can be used for the growth stage of the plant.

Daylight Lamp

GreenPower lamp - Agro (More Red, More PAR) - Philips - Master GreenPower Full Spectrum (Agro) - 315W (Included)

The GreenPower lamp is optimized in a broad spectrum with a peak in the 660nm deep red area. The peak in the 660nm DeepRed area makes the plant more generative, which results in a stronger bloom of the plant in the flowering stage.

GreenPower 315

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