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The clever design of the DiffuseAir does pretty much what it says in the name! It ensures that air is diffused uniformly around the grow space, rather than being directed straight at your plants as an oscillating fan would.

As a result, your environment stays consistent, and any microclimates, high humidity zones and hot spots are eliminated. Harsh air streams that a typical fan would produce are gone, helping to decrease the chance of windburn on the plant itself and salt accumulation in your growth media. It also rids of those inevitable cold spots that an oscillating fan would cause!

If you wanted to use this system to evenly diffuse air as it is drawn into your grow room, you would add ducting to the fan, pulling air into your grow room from your preferred location. The DiffuseAir then acts as an intake fan to distribute CO2 rich air throughout your grow room.

Otherwise, you could use it as a standalone system to efficiently mix the air already in your grow room. Air will be pulled in from the top of your grow room, and the DiffuseAir system will push it back out above the canopy, moving air evenly between your lighting and plants. You could also use multiple DiffuseAir systems in large grow rooms to distribute air around effectively.

One of the best things about this system is that it takes up no floor space and can be up and running within minutes!

How To Setup

All you need to do is attach it to the correct size of extraction fan and then hang it up. Four holes near the top of the unit allow you to screw it into an extraction fan easily, and each DiffuseAir also comes with hanging plates. Rope ratchets, or chains will finish the job nicely!

Key features of the DiffuseAir include:

  • Uniformly distributes CO2 rich air around the grow space
  • Eliminates unwanted microclimates, hot and cold spots
  • Decreases the chance of windburn on the plant's leaves
  • Use with an RVK, Kaizen or similar extraction fan (not included)
  • Easy to fit and hang using rope ratchets or similar
  • Available in 4" through to 10" duct sizes

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