CX Horticulture Wilt Guard


Size: 1L
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Use for preventing wilting & eliminating Pythium.

The hydroponic environment provides the ideal conditions for your plants to grow in but ALSO provides the ideal environment for diseases that attack your crop. Pests and diseases which attack the leaves and flowers of your plants are usually noticed quickly and easily. However, those which attack the root zone can go unnoticed for some time, and before you know it, it is too late.

Wilt Guard contains a special form of potassium that is readily assimilated in large amounts. Potassium is the element responsible for strengthening the osmotic pressure within the plant and for regulating water loss. Under stressful conditions, the guard cells on the outside of the stomata close to prevent water loss.

The mechanism by which these guard cells operate is potassium based osmotic pressure. By using Wilt Guard, you are ensuring the best possible conditions for this process to take effect.

Wilt Guard can be added to your nutrient solution whenever you change it as a preventative measure and is most effective when used like this. It can also be used at the first sign of Pythium, but you must apply it as soon as possible for maximum results.

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