CX Hortculture Mighty Bloom Enhancer


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CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhance is a powerful supplement, which is designed to increase your plants' yields.

The additive offers your plants increased quantities of Potassium during the blooming stage. It helps your plants grow stronger and healthier. With Mighty Bloom, your plants will grow more female flowering sites and deliver tastier fruits. In combination with CX Head Masta, you'll improve your crops' aromas, flavours and the quality of your crops.

The additive comprises natural ingredients, which help your crops deliver heavier harvests. Mighty Bloom Enhancer is a high-performance and hormone-free supplement, which growers use to achieve increased harvests and heavier fruits.

  • The product is a top-quality additive;
  • CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhance comprises natural ingredients including micro and macronutrients. The additive has an NPK ratio of 0-15-18;
  • The formula is made for the blooming phase;
  • The product is suitable for use with hydroponic systems and soil.


  • The product increases the solid to water ratio to deliver a dense finish;
  • Helps your plants achieve denser female flowering sites;
  • Delivers heavier fruits;
  • Accelerates your plants' metabolic rate;
  • Increases the production of natural sugars;
  • Made at the highest CX Horticulture quality standards.

The Science

When your plants enter the blooming phase, they need increased levels of Potassium. CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhance offers top-quality Potassium to sustain your plants' healthy development. The additional Potassium accelerates blooming and ensures your plants grow stronger. With Mighty Bloom Enhance, your plants won't suffer from any Potassium deficiencies. Growers use the additive to ensure that their crops have enough energy and support to develop denser and larger flowers.

How to Use

Use the product throughout the blooming phase at a recommended dosage of 1 ml/L. During week 6 of the blooming phase, stop using any base nutrients and increase the rate of Mighty Bloom Enhance to 5 ml/L. After this period, resume the normal feed schedule.

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