Black Combi Ducting


Length: 5m
Size: 4"
Sale price£8.00


Combi-Ducting is used to as part of your ventilation system to move air to and from the grow area, replenishing CO2 and removing excess heat and humidity.

For more durable combi ducting, check out the G.A.S Premium Black Cobi Ducting

Combi-Ducting has a double-layered construction with an aluminium inner and a plastic outer, greatly increasing its resistance to tearing while also preventing light leaks.

  • Choice of diameter to fit any Extraction System
  • Dual-layered construction - aluminium sheath with polyester outer
  • Greater resistance to tearing than standard aluminium ducting
  • Reduced noise levels compared with single layered ducting
  • Reinforced by a spiral wound wire to maintain its cross-sectional area
  • Prevents light leaks
  • Economical and easy to use

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