Clonex Pro Start


Size: 300ml
Sale price£8.50


Brand-new advanced 3-in-1 nutrient guarantees ⁠outstanding root development in cuttings, seedlings and young plants.⁠

Clonex Pro Start can be used on its own for great results, but for the best results we recommend using in combination with Clonex Rooting Gel and Clonex Mist.⁠

Contains potassium and nitrogen to aid early leaf development. Nitrate nitrogen helps accelerate uptake. Boron and calcium supports early root development, and phosphorus for energy conversion and speeding up the metabolism of your plants.

On the organic side, it has seaweed to support healthy root and leaf growth. Added L-amino acids helps boost the metabolism and improve resistance to stress. Humic + fulvic acids to enhance uptake! 

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