Clonex Mist


Size: 100ml
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Clonex® Mist is an established product developed especially to make cloning even more successful.

Clonex Mist is easy to use giving

  • Consistent results every time
  • Fast root generation
  • Strong healthy plants

Clonex® Mist has been independently trialled in New Zealand by Dr. Lynette Morgan of Suntec Laboratory on Ficus and Dianthus. The development of roots was shown to occur up to 10 days quicker, with 30% longer roots and up to 156% more roots than using water alone to mist your cuttings.

How to use:

After taking your cuttings, keep the environment humid with Clonex mist. No need to mix, this ready-to-use product will help develop your cuttings roots as quickly as possible.


Simply mix one part Clonex Mist Concentrate with three parts clean soft water, (e.g. to make 1 litre of solution: pour 250 ml of Clonex Mist Concentrate into a clean plastic sprayer and add 750 ml of clean water). Shake well before misting over plants and use within three days.

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