Canna - Hydro Vega (Hard Water)


Size: 1L
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CANNA Hydro Vega AB is a two-part base nutrient, designed for recirculating systems. It's a premium feed suitable for plants in the vegetative stage, growing in soilless hydroponic systems. The product is engineered for hard water areas. The nutrient promotes powerful and healthy plant growth.

It's vital for a rich root development and strong side shoots. From the start, your plants will absorb increased levels of nutrients and water. The product comprises high levels of Nitrogen compounds, EDDHA Iron chelates and trace elements. Growers use Hydro Vega Hard Water (A+B) to achieve healthy plants, top-quality crops, and increased harvest yields.

  • The product is a two-part base nutrient;
  • It's designed for the vegetative stage and the first two weeks of the blooming phase;
  • The product is made for use in recirculating systems;
  • The product comprises increased levels of Nitrogen compounds, trace elements, and EDDHA Iron chelates

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