Canna Coco Starter Kit


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The CANNA Coco Starter Kit is a complete package that includes everything you need to start growing plants in coco coir.  Coco coir is highly porous and holds water well, making it ideal for growing plants that require consistent moisture. The CANNA Coco Starter Kit is a complete nutrient kit, which contains products for growing plants in coco. It's the complete solution for growers aiming to achieve a top-quality harvest.

CANNA's Coco A+B nutrient is made for the vegetative and blooming phases. The formula comprises essential micro and macronutrients for optimum plant development. The product doesn't have a Flores or Vega variant and plants can easily absorb it.

Cannazym is a top-quality enzyme formula, which breaks down dead root matter and promotes the development of beneficial bacteria in the root zone. The product increases nutrient uptake and improves plants' immune systems.

Rhizotonic is a strong vegetative stimulator for plants' roots. The product comprises vitamins and over 60 microbiological substances to accelerate the development of a strong root network.

Boost Accelerator is a high-performance additive, which accelerates the metabolism of plants, strengthens crops, and increases nutrient uptake. PK 13/14 is a mix of nutritional minerals, made to stimulate explosive blooming. Phosphorus and Potassium play significant roles during the blooming phase.

The Kit Contains

1L Canna Coco A&B
125ml Cannazym
250ml Rhizotonic
125ml Boost Accelerator
50ml PK 13/14
1 Grow Guide
1 Pests & Diseases
Leaflet 1 Deficiency Leaflet 

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