Isomax Silencer Fan & CarboAir Filter and Acoustic Ducting Extraction Kit

CANSKU: 1925

Size: 6" - 410m3/h
Sale price$483.54


Iso Max fans are the standard in grow room ventilation if you're looking for high power, sound insulation and Dutch CAengineered brilliance. These fans move A LOT of air and the torque they have mean obstacles (bend in ducting) is light work for them.

All Iso Max fans have a single speed with exception of the 6" and 8" models.

Paired with the high-quality and thicker carbon bed, the Carbo Air 60 carbon filter, you'll get a powerful extraction system that will clean the air effortlessly.

What you get:

- Iso Max Extraction Fan
- Matching Carbo Air Carbon Filter (see below for sizes)
- Fast Clamp & Duct Clip
- 5m Acoustic Ducting

Iso Max Fan Fan Speed Carbo Air Filter
6" 410m3/h Carbo Air 50 - 500mm long
8" 870m3/h Carbo Air 60 - 600mm long
10" Low 1480m3/h Carbo Air 60 - 600mm long
10" High 2310m3/h Carbo Air 60 - 600mm long
12" Low 2380m3/h Carbo Air 60 - 600mm long
12" High 3260m3/h Carbo Air 60 - 600mm long

Note: be sure to seal the fan and filter as airtight as possible to avoid unfiltered air bypassing your filter. Where possible, try to avoid bends, kinks and slack in ducting, this will decrease the efficiency and reduce the amount of air the system can extract out.

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