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BudLink Silicon provides your plants with thicker, stronger stems, increases blooms' weight, and makes plants better able to fend off diseases and insect attacks!

It also reduces water losses through leaves, increases nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2. It can be used in any grow-medium or any type of grow system. It can also be used as a pH UP additive.

How BudLink Silicon works:

BudLink Silicon provides your plants with a form of soluble silica, which is a naturally occurring substance found in soils. Plants use it to strengthen cell walls which increases plant resistance to fungi and insects.

Because the plant’s cell walls are stronger, they become more resistant to biting insects and diseases. BudLink Silicon is also highly alkaline and so can be used to increase the pH of nutrient solutions.

Using BudLink Silicon:

Use BudLink Silicon right the way through the plant’s life from cutting through to the flush. BudLink Silicon is suitable for use with plants grown in any medium and in any type of grow system.

For recirculating hydroponics, use 2.5 - 5ml/litre of nutrient solution. For drain-to-waste or hand-watering, use 3ml/litre. Before adding BudLink Silicon to the bulk of your feed-water (or reservoir), mix the Silicon very thoroughly in a few litres of water to ensure that it will be distributed evenly within the reservoir.

BudLink Silicon will increase the TDS (CF/EC/PPM) and also the pH of your nutrient solution. It will be necessary to adjust the TDS and pH back to the correct levels after adding it.

BudLink Silicon recommended recirculating hydroponics dosage – 2.5 - 5ml/litre BudLink Silicon recommended drain-to-waste/hand-watering dosage – 3ml/litre.

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