Bud Box Pro Tent Silver - 200 x 200 x 220cm


Sale price£335.00


BudBox - tried and tested by growers! A firm favourite for anyone after a premium grow tent.

The frames are manufactured with tempered, high-tensile steel with black powder-coated poles, that push and click fit in the corners with robust pole connectors. There is simply no stronger grow tent on the market that can deal with any hydroponic equipment you use.

Quality Canvas

The top-quality 1mm thick tent fabric has been stitched with great precision to ensure all your precious light is contained at all times.

This thick and durable shell is very easy to fit and has a full-length double-opening door on the front for easy access. On sizes, 120cm x 120cm and above these tents also feature side access and/or rear doors so you are able to get into the tent from various angles.

All doors use top-quality, military-grade zips. Each tent is available in very high-quality 600D mylar (silver) lining or the for those seeking the ultimate in PAR and overall reflectivity a 210D PRO 'flat' white interior. 

The Strongest Frames & Metal Corners

All BudBox PRO grow tents are manufactured using tempered, high tensile steel poles which are 25mm in diameter (except 100cm x 100cm models and below which use 16mm poles) for maximum strength no matter what you hang in them!

All models use super strong, push-click metal corners which ensure a secure and rigid structure that will not bend or break. All the metal frame parts are powder-coated black to protect them from the harshest of grow room conditions. A BudBox grow tent can be assembled and disassembled numerous times without issues and will last you for years! 

Green Viewing Window

Every PRO grow tent features a sizeable green viewing window that allows you to look through to check your plants without having to unzip the doors and potentially disturbing them. Greenlight has no effect on the plant's light cycle so you can feel safe knowing you can check them at any time of day.

Lots Of Vents

A multitude of ducting ports of different sizes, in all the right places, allow for easy installation of ventilation or air-cooled lighting in almost any situation. All the vents are oversized to allow even the largest sizes of acoustic ducting to be used and are double-cuffed with two pull-strings so as to ensure a secure and light-tight seal. Around the sides at the bottom of the tents, you will find rectangular-shaped passive vents which can be optionally used for passive air intake.

These vents all feature a fine mesh screen to prevent dirt, bugs or other contaminants from being pulled in.

Uplift Irrigation Bars

All BudBox grow tents from 120x120cm and upwards now contain at least one uplift bar. This bar is fitted on one of the bottom sides of your tent and allows you to keep your water butt outside (great for saving on growing space in your tent) and the irrigation pipes kept neatly on the floor all the way into the tent without any need to lift them up which can potentially cause issues with watering, especially on gravity fed systems. 


  • 2 x front doors
  • 1 x front access door
  • 2 x Rear access doors
  • 6 x 340mm openings for ventilation
  • 4 x 275mm openings for ventilation
  • 4 x 100mm openings for power cables
  • 4 x Irrigation ports
  • 1 x Uplift irrigation bar
  • 1 x Viewing window
  • 6 x roof suspension bars
  • 12 x silicone pads for roof bars
  • 6 x hanging straps for accessories
  • 4 x Micro mesh passive vents
  • WHITE = Industry leading PAR reflectivity
  • 25mm frame poles
  • All Metal connectors
  • Push/click fittings
  • Drip tray
  • 20% oversized vents
  • Main door clips
  • Double cuff vents
  • Double stitched seams
  • Canvas completely unzips

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