Bud Box Lite Tent Silver - 120 x 120 x 180


Sale price$125.87


BudBox Lite: Excellent for Entry Level Growers

A High Quality, Hard Wearing Grow Tent at an Affordable Price

Although the BudBox Lite tent range is comparatively lower in price than the BudBox Pro Tent range it still features tough, durable, well stitched tent fabric, interlocking heavy duty poles for sturdy support and solid tent connectors, plus ventilation ports to allow ducting to be fitted, to create a perfect portable indoor growing environment.

This lining is thick and durable and reflects much of the light from your grow lamp back towards your plants. It also features quality zips. BudBox Lite grow tents come with standard white powder coated, 16mm poles that are held together by strong, plastic connections (except for the larger models, 2.4m square and up, which have even thicker poles 19mm compared to 16mm)

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