BubbleGen Oxygen Water Circulator


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The BubbleGen is a revolutionary way to circulate your and oxygenate your nutrient solution – it removes the need for air stones and circulation pumps. Just attach to a water pump and you're good to go!

It features a twin jet hydroponic bubble generator with integral silencer which efficiently and quietly oxygenates and circulates a nutrient tank. Using atmospheric pressure to pull oxygen-rich air through the input port, it mixes with the nutrients passing through the body of the unit, ejecting an energetic circulating stream of nutrient and bubbles. compressor air pump.


- Submersible and quiet running

- Oxygenates water efficiently

- Additional tank circulation jets not required

- No air stones required

- Can operate with 1000 – 4000 LPH pumps

- 4mm inletoWorks on vacuum rather than positive pressure so no addition heat generated

- Supplied with 3 suction cups for fitting

- Quick and easy installation

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