Bluelab Pro Controller Connect


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Monitor pH, EC and Temperature Wirelessly! Add the Bluelab Peripod (available separately), the actual dosing of nutrients, and pH adjusting.

The Bluelab Pro Controller Connect you can monitor and - when connected to the M3 Peripod sold separately - adjust your nutrient strength and pH levels at a distance, using any device that's connected to the internet!

It can be controlled from anywhere in the world from any internet-connected device.

Provides consistent, highly accurate readings, which is ideal for the larger scale grower. In addition, by responding to your plant's needs in real-time, it's the perfect automated pH control.

Bright, plant safe green LED display, with a water-resistant main unit that automatically compensates for temperature fluctuations.

This also includes the Bluelab Connect stick 2 (rrp £110!) for wireless connectivity

Contains 1x Bluelab Pro Controller and ‘Getting Started’ guide

1x Bluelab conductivity probe

1x Bluelab pH probe

1x Bluelab temperature/ATC probe

1x Bluelab connect stick 2 & getting started guide

4x mounting screws

3x calibration sachets (pH 7.0, pH 4.0, EC 2.77)

1x Dosing cable, alarm & external lockout cable

1x 24V DC power supply with European, U.K, North America and New Zealand/Australia plug adapters.

All Bluelab products come with a 2-year limited written guarantee (6 months for the pH probe)

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