Size: Bio Tabs (10 Tabs)
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Biotabs contains enough 100% organic fertilizers in combination with phosphate-dissolving, nitrogen-binding bacteria and important minerals to keep the plant green and healthy throughout its whole life cycle, even the long-flowering specimen.

These tabs make life easier - no more worries about the pH and EC and measuring, simply push one Biotab per 5 litres of pot 5cm deep into the soil and the beneficial soil bacteria does the rest (for pots bigger than 40 litres, use 1 Biotab per 10 litres).

Biotabs carries your plants through the critical week number 5 when the lime buffer of the soil is exhausted and the growth and flowering of the plant halts and/or symptoms of deficits appear.

The result with Biotabs is a vigorous plant with healthy growth and deep green colour.

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