Biobizz Top-Max


Size: 500ml
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BioBizz Top Max is an all-organic flowering stimulant that encourages faster cell division during flowering.

Top Max works by increasing the rate of cell division on fruiting and flowering plants, producing more tissues and increasing the production of transport sugars in blooms. It frees up important elements like calcium, iron, and magnesium, all of which stimulate plant metabolism and results in larger flowers and fruits with enhanced flavours, oils and aromas.

  • Increased nutrient and CO2 uptake
  • Sweetened flavour of fruits
  • Boosts floral / fruit production and overall yields
  • OMRI and SKAL certified organic.


Use from the second week of the flowering cycle at every watering at rate of 1-3ml per litre of water. Stop using one week before harvesting to ensure you have enough time to flush.

Top Max is tailored for use in soil-based systems but can be safely used in coco and hydroponics based systems too.

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