Biobizz Root Juice


Size: 500ml
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Made entirely from vegetable ingredients and designed for organic gardening, Root•Juice™ combines two amazing natural substances: premium humic acid and seaweed. It’s specially formulated to encourage vigorous root development and enhance the natural biological life that surrounds and supports your plant’s root system.

BioBizz Root Juice provides explosive root growth, accelerated nutrient uptake, stronger plants resistant to disease and stress, including high EC values.

The 100% vegetable based all-organic root stimulator is very effective at creating new roots when applied to rooted cuttings, but can be used throughout the whole growing period to stimulate root growth and production.

Aside from boosting growth, Root Juice also enhances the uptake of nutrients through the root system, leading to stronger, bigger plants and better yields. Stimulating biological activity in the root zones can boost plant defence systems, leading to increased resistance against disease and better overall health.

OMRI and SKAL certified organic.


Use in the first week after your cuttings have rooted at the dilution rate of 4mls to 1 Litre of water.

Ideal in soil based systems but can also prove effective for hydroponic applications.

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